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February 9, 2013
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"god dammit' you muttered to yourself as you let your head fall back into your arms "this is just fucking super, it was supposed to be a one night thing, he'll probably...." you couldnt finish the sentence 'im....not sure how he'll react' you groaned and fell to your side

"why must you torture me in this way!!" you groaned to no one in particular


"what the-oh" you took your phone out of your pocket "hello?" "WHAT UP DUDE!!!!!!!" you jumped and placed the phone far from your face "hey america, whats going on?" "we're going to a bar you wanna come?" 'a bar? should i go, mabye prussia will be there or mabye i can ask england about my parasite thingy' "umm, y-yeah ill go" "awesome dude ill be at your place by 8!!!" "okay see ya then"

once you hung up the phone you were silently thinking to yourself and made the conclusion
                                                               "what have i done!?!?!?!"

                                              (TIME SKIP BROUGHT TO YOU BY SASSY GAY ANON)

"dude youve been really quiet" you turned tour head to face america "oh" "is someting wrong" "no just a little tired" "hahahaha you should get off the computer earlier" "i cant, i sold my soul to google" "hahahahaha you crack me up" "if you dont stop laughing in my ear ill crack you upside the head" "alright alright" america said waving his hand as if to dissmiss the threat.

once you guys parked you both made your way to the bar and walked to the table where everyone else was. "ve~ ciao _________ i'a havent seen you in'a awhile how have you been!!" italy said a he patted your head and continued to ramble on and on about random stuff "ello' _______" you turned your head in the direction of the voice "hey england"  you said waving your hand slightly.

"bonjour ________ you are looking az lovely as ever, iz zere zomthing diffrent about yo? you look like your glowing" france said as he kissed your hand "um....thanks?" you said as wiped the spot where he kissed you on your jacket. "kesesese guten tag mein little _______ i havent seen you in vhile" prussia said as he slung an arm over your shoulder and smirking at you 'well fuck' you thought to yourself 'shit shit shit what do i do!?!?! deep breath you have to act normal dont be creepy dont be akward' you thought while scrambling for something smart or at least not stupid to say ".........sup" you said in a slighly higher voice than normal 'damn'.

"dumkoff get off of him" another familiar german accent said as you felt prussia being pulled away from you. "hey germany" "hallo _____" you smiled lightly at him "ve?, ______ you don'at look so good you look a little pale"italy said as he pressed the palm of his hand to your forehead "what? no i feel fine" you said a look of confusion on your face the you could feel the other countries studying you 'oh no' you clutched a hand over your mouth and your stomack a sprinted toward the bathroom.
                                   after you threw up

"_________ are you okay" you lightly shook your head no tears were streaming down your face from the pressure of throwing up "damn _______ you really vorried me c]back there" you lifted your head and turned around to find prussia crouched next to italy "sorry" "its'a alright if your not's feeling good you should get some rest" "n-no its fine i was just a little nausious from america's driving" "hey italy do you think you could give me and _______ a little alone time" "okay" and he skipped out of the room

"your lying to me" "what?" "something happened and your keeping it to yourself" "im not hiding anything" prussia brought his face closer to your as his cherry red eyes bore into yours and he gently pressed his lips to yours and whispered "if you wont tell me i have ways of making you talk"
here have some gay
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